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Information Systems

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Information Systems Overview

The book gives an overview of critical research in information systems (CRIS), which will give a useful introduction to those students and researchers not familiar with the topic and assist in carrying the debate further on a variety of issues.

Information Systems Table Of Content

Table of Contents


Section 1: Theory

Critical Research in Information Systems

Theoretical Discourses: A Comparison of the Foucauldian and Habermasian Concepts of Discourse in CRIS

Ethics, Morality and Critical Research in IS, Emancipation Across Cultural Boundaries: A Fundamental Problem of Critical Research in Information Systems

Section 2: Philosophy

Ontology: On Positivism, Realism, and their Relevance for Critical IS Research

Epistemology: On Information, Knowledge and Truth, Methodology: Is there a Specific Critical Way to Knowledge?

Philosophical Syncretism in IS Research: Final Remarks on Ontology, Epistemology and Paradigms

Section 3: Application

Information Systems as Means of (Dis)Empowerment: The Information Society and Decision Support Systems in Local Authorities in Egypt

Responsible and Heroic Management of Workplace Privacy: A Critical View of ICT Management

Trust as Fetish: A Critical Theory Perspective on Research on Trust in E-Commerce

The Ideological Use of Privacy and Security

The Metaphor of Evolution in E-Commerce: A Critical Evaluation

Commercial Colonization: E-Teaching and E-Democracy

Section 4: Reflection(s)

Limitations of the Critical Approach, The Future of Critical Research in Information Systems

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